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I know I submitted this a long time ago and I just had to respond.

I’m sorry but I just wanted to post this IGNORANT SHIT. Please do not get me started. Are they freaking kidding me?

Opinions are like assholes - everyone has them.

Opinions can also be as useless as the person giving them.

We had natural hair before and after slavery, therefore I will never understand the association of natural hair with ‘runaway slaves’.

If you think it’s ugly, that is your opinion but realise that no one is going to stop wearing their natural hair. People are turning natural like crazy right now, I bet you hate that, don’t you?! ‘Cancer is natural’? What a strange argument, we could go into the semantics about that if you want… But to include flat irons were invented etc… well flat irons are unnatural and are not good for us either!

I’ll keep flipping my natural hair everywhere I go, people who have a problem need to take a stadium full of seats because no fucks are given.

I absolutely love your response^ well said. 

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    “I’m not racist, I just think that black people should try harder not to be black.”
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    I hope ALL (I mean EVERY STRAND) the stupid little misinformed little white girl, whom authored this idiotic comment’s...
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    Bitch just have several. Several of anything that is unhealthy for you. Take shots of bleach until your intestines...
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    I don’t got time for this ignorant shit.
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    mess. I fuckin BET this person submitted anonymously, did cuz you’re a close-minded...
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    You can say what want to defend yourself, you’re still being an idiot.
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