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4 Easy Ways to Get Past a Natural Hair Growth Plateau

It’s a common occurrence for many naturals to hit a growth plateau after a few years, even when being diligent with their healthy hair regimen. People think that natural hair is durable and tough, but it’s actually not. Breakage and damage can be caused by the simplest actions or habits. Here are some tips for preventing breakage and getting past your hair growth plateau.

Moisturize! Start with water or a water based product first, then seal with an oil, butter or mix of the two. Remoisturize your hair as needed, you may even have to start spraying with water or reapplying your moisturizer every 2-3 days. Using moisturizing products, deep conditioning weekly, and drinking lots of water will also help you maintain a proper moisture balance throughout your hair.  

Trim When I hear this word I tend to run…..But trims are necessary for healthy hair. Getting regular trims or “dusting” your hair can prevent damaged ends from traveling up the hair shaft which causes even more damage! If you put off your trims for too long then the damage will spread, and you will find yourself chopping off more hair than you may have initially.

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