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Funky Mind & a Funky Style

Black Onyx World & I at the 'Fro Fashion Week Fall 2013 Fashion show.

For my full recap and video/photos from the event check out -


Twas #afropunk so the #duckface was acceptable. But it can only be used for special occasions… lol @reesespieces_44

to all the ladies in the place with style & grace….


Last night in #Harlem with my bestie @reesespieces_44 #afro #curlfriends #curlygirls #teamnatural #naturalhair


#brooklyn #chillin #NYC #afro #naturalhair


#BAM Dance Africa Festival #Brooklyn #afro #naturlhair (at BAM DanceAfrica Bazaar)


Chilled with my boo in #bk today #Redhead #afro #naturlhair #Brooklyn #promenade #chillin (at Brooklyn Heights Promenade)

This is me, admin of the BeauTIFFulCurls tumblr page

Many of  you ask what’s my hair type… & to be honest I don’t know.

Too many people focus on the whole 4abcdefg thing too much, I just don’t. I generally categorize my hair as kinky curly, I have several curl patterns on my head ranging from silky curls in the back to kinky curls up front and an undefined region on the sides (an overall 4 something I guess), so my hair doesn’t fit into any particular box. I have fragile strands but my hair is very thick and absorbs water quickly. It loves butters and creamy heavy moisturizers.

I no longer focus on curl definition, my hair has been doing MUCH better with a simple leave-in conditioner and shea butter to seal. Most days I let my hair do it’s own thing (as pictured here).

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Flashback to March 2012…. I heard some buzzing around the natural hair community about using monistat for hair growth and  decided to try it out (lol don’t judge me!) I never tried it again, but read my experience HERE